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Executive Employment Issues 

Our executive employment lawyers assist and advise executives with the legal, business and professional implications of entering and exiting business relationships, partnerships, profit-sharing, and non-compete agreements.

Additionally, where issues of discrimination may be present in an executive employment relationship, our experienced employment litigation attorneys can negotiate an equitable transition for the employee, or, if necessary, bring litigation based on discrimination.

Our employment lawyers routinely advise on the following types of agreements:

  • Executive and partnership employment agreements.

  • Severance, retention and change-of-control agreements.

  • Non-complete agreements and litigation.

  • Profit-sharing and bonus compensation agreements.

Our Arkansas employment lawyers have decades of experience drafting and negotiating employment agreements and contracts on behalf of employers and employees.  How can we help you?

How Can We Help? 

Our employment lawyers help both employers and employees negotiate, draft and enforce employment and partnership agreements.  Additionally, our employment lawyers have extensive experience enforcing and defending non-compete agreements, as well as negotiating resolutions to non-compete issues without the need for litigation.  How can we help you?   

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How can we help?

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