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Filing an EEOC Charge

Almost every case of discrimination or harassment begins when an employee files a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the "EEOC." Federal cases involving gender, race, disability, age or national origin discrimination or harassment all require an employee to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC to begin the litigation process.  For cases against small employers or cases involving only Arkansas discrimination claims or even some cases based solely on race, employees can bring their claims directly to court without going first through the EEOC process. Our Little Rock discrimination lawyers can assist in navigating the EEOC process and the employment litigation that follows a charge of discrimination.

The EEOC Process describes how a charge of discrmination is filed and processed in the Little Rock, Arkansas EEOC office. Our Little Rock discrimination lawyers can help you navigate the EEOC process.  EEOC charges can be based on gender, race, age, religion and disability discrimination. Our discrimination lawyers assist both employees and employers at the EEOC.

How Can We Help? 

At the EEOC, our discrimination lawyers present the facts of your charge in a way that is complete and compelling. Our attorneys identify all the claims that an employee may bring against the employer.  An employee who does not include all claims of discrimination at the EEOC may waive those claims for future litigation. Because the charge of discrimination is the employee's first opportunity to describe the discrimination or harassment, it is critical that the charge be accurate and contain a factual basis for all elements of the claims. Additionally, when an employee enters the EEOC mediation process, a discrimination lawyer can help reach the best settlement.   

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