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Little Rock discrimination lawyers explain how their employment law firm assists both employees and employers in employment law litigation regarding discriminaiton, harassment, the EEOC, and overtime issues.  Our represenation of both employers and employees in discrimination litigation is unique in the Little Rock, Arkansas market and allows us to view the cases from both sides.

Practice Areas

Discrimination and the EEOC

Our lawyers bring decades of experience to issues of discrimination and harassment involving gender, race, disability, and retaliation.

Employment Litigation

We represent both employees and employers and have solved employment litigation issues from both sides.  We bring this unique perspective to every new case.

Wage and Hour

We have brought and defended overtime class action cases and provide practical guidance to employees and employers seeking assistance with state and federal law.

Medical Leaves

Federal and state laws protect employees of medical leave.  We provide guidance on taking and managing leave with the law.

It's Easy to Talk Justice

We were honored to represent the plaintiff in the litigation Dr. CJ Duvall examines in his recent book, It’s Easy to Talk Justice: A Case Study of Hudson v. Philander Smith College, How One Woman’s Case Changed My Thinking About Justice.  The plaintiff side of our employment law practice has grown over the last several years, and we are always interested in exploring ways we can assist clients with claims of discrimination or retaliation.


Filing an EEOC Charge


Almost every case of discrimination or harassment begins when an employee files a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the "EEOC." Federal cases involving gender, race, disability, age or national origin discrimination or harassment all require an employee to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC to begin the litigation process.  For cases against small employers or cases involving only Arkansas discrimination claims or even some cases based solely on race, employees can bring their claims directly to court without going first through the EEOC process. Our Little Rock discrimination lawyers can assist in navigating the EEOC process and the employment litigation that follows a charge of discrimination.

Summary of how to file a charge of discrimination or harassment with the Little Rock EEOC.
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